BBC氣候變化:事實真相 Climate Change: The Facts氣候變化事實真相

BBC氣候變化:事實真相 Climate Change: The Facts氣候變化事實真相

演員: 大衛·愛登堡GretaThunbergMichaelE.MannSunitaNarainJamesHansenMarkMaslinNaomiOreskesCatherineMitchellColettePichonBattle
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劇情介紹 (BBC氣候變化:事實真相 Climate Change: The Facts氣候變化事實真相)

BBC氣候變化:事實真相 Climate Change: The Facts氣候變化事實真相
導演: 塞雷娜·戴維斯
編劇: 塞雷娜·戴維斯
主演: 大衛·愛登堡 / Greta Thunberg / Michael E. Mann / Sunita Narain / James Hansen / Mark Maslin / Naomi Oreskes / Catherine Mitchell / Colette Pichon Battle / Peter Stott / Tim Lenton / Richard Lazarus / Richard Black / Rebecca Koller / Bergur Sigfússon
類型: 紀錄片
 氣候變化:事實真相的劇情簡介 · · · · · ·
Sir David Attenborough is to present and narrate a new landmark film, Climate Change: The Facts for BBC One.
The documentary will provide an urgent look at the science of climate change and the potential solutions to this global threat, combining footage that reveals the already devastating impact of climate change on our planet with interviews from some of the world’s leading climate scientists.
After one of the hottest years on record, climatologists and meteorologists explain the effects of climate change on both the human population and the natural world. Scientists, including Dr James Hansen, Dr Michael Mann and Professor Catherine Mitchell will forensically unpack the science behind the extreme weather conditions of recent years, which have seen unprecedented storms and catastrophic wildfires; as well as detailing how the accelerating rate at which the world’s ice is melting is causing sea level rises, and how deforestation is exacerbating the problem of global warming by adding to CO2 in the atmosphere.
The film will deliver an unflinching exploration of what dangerous levels of climate change could mean for human populations, what is likely to happen if global warming exceeds 1.5 degrees and if major reductions in CO2 emissions are not made in the next decade.

精彩劇照 (BBC氣候變化:事實真相 Climate Change: The Facts氣候變化事實真相)
BBC氣候變化:事實真相 Climate Change: The Facts氣候變化事實真相